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One of the biggest mistakes small business operators make when they get their 1st website is they go for the ultra-cheap web-hosting deals.

What they don't know is these deals are often on infrastructure located in the United States, or worse, Korea, Japan or God knows where!

The downside of course is that their target Audience are Australian Internet users and their request for a webpage has to travel tens of thousands of kilometres to get to the website located on the other side of the world!

It's for this reason that After Hours Information Technology offers our web hosting services on infrastructure lcoated here in Australia. The upside here is that when one of your potential customers makes a request to your website, their request stays within Australia and doesn't need to traverse the pacific ocean and therefore they get a much faster response! No more World Wide Wait! Your website is fast and snappy giving the user a great web experience.

Looking at our slogan "The small IT Busienss for your small business", we're obviously not big enough to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a hosting environment with redundant power, network connectivity, pyhical security etc so we've chosen to partner with Leading Australian businesses who specialise in the art of hosting.

Through our relationships with Dedicated Servers and Quality Australian Co-location, check out the features of our hosting environment:

  • Hosted in a Data Centre right here in Australia!
  • Multiple high-speed Connections through companies like AAPT,, Datafast, Powertel, Vivanet and Pipenetworks peering.
  • Environmentally controlled rackspace with redundant Air Conditioning systems
  • UPS backup power (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Additional Diesel Generator backup power
  • VESDA - Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm
  • FM-200 gas fire supression
  • 24x7 NOC (Network Operations Centre)
  • Physical security including swipe cards, photo ID's, camera monitoring
  • and of course of friendly helpful assistance!

Remember, if your target audience is Sydney metro then you don't advertise on Alice Springs radio. Similalrly, if your target audience is Australia then ensure your content is located IN Australia so your users will get not only the best possible response times and experience from your website, but your own comfort and peace of mind from dealing with an Australian business located right here IN Australia thereby mkaing it so much easier if you have queries/support problems/pricing problems or in fact any need to make contact, you can.


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