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   Any other particular customers?

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Welcome to the Ardosa Earthworks website

Welcome to the website of Ardosa Earthworks.
Ardosa does blaydy blah de blah blah blah.
We specialise in woohoo wowwow whatever whatever.
Picture of truck with signwriting or excavator.. or something interesting.. On the job?
Each page would have the "current location" change depending on where they are, but otherwise they would have the same look/feel with the menu structure down the side and content to the right.
The bugger is that I need some text and pictures!!!
eg: "Our company" When did comapny start, years experience in the industry. Previous employers... perhaps a scanned image of insurance cover,
eg: "Excavators" will show a opicture of the machine (required), or perhaps a couple. Some infom aboutmake, model, how much it can "move" it an hour, or whatever people ask when looking for one! Hourly rate
eg: "Auger" - need picture, what it can do blah blah. Hourly rate
eg: "Sleeper grabs" - need picture, what they're used for, what ELSE they can be used for. Hourly rate
eg: "Tipper" - need picture/s, capacity/weight limit/etc, hourly rate. Float charge.
eg: "Existing customers" - currently have contract with CityRail, pictures on teh job, who else, RTA, Councils? Any other "big jobs"? eg: "Job Estimator" - will be a page with a form to fill out. Pick "Excavator" and # of hours, float charge is added at $x per hour etc. tick options for auger/grabs etc and I can have the hourly charge for each and get an instant online "estiamte" on how much do do a job. Obviously this is basd on the customers expectation of how long a job will take but it can give an idea immediately.
eg: "Contact Us" has phone numbers, mobile, fax, postal address, link to send e-mail etc etc.

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